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​Sheep-milk cheese

Choose from our range of diverse flavours, textures and shapes to suit your own preference or occasion. Cheese for a get together, wedding cake, or a favourite just for you.

Created from the milk of our Moyarra ewes.

* Black sheep

* Cheviot

* Cheviot Royale

* Foster Fetish

* Jolly Jumbunna

* Kongwak Reserve

* Moonlight fresh

* Moyarra Myrtle

* Moyarra Reserve

* Picnic Point

* Prom Picnic

* Sheep Sensation

* Venus Blue

* Waratah

* Woolamai Mist

* Gus

​Cow-milk cheese

Created with cows milk from our neighbors Clive & Nadine Verboon, downstream from us on the flats around the Powlett River. They share our farming philosophy of low input, sustainable farming, running a diverse mix of dairy, beef and lamb, selling meat cuts and smallgoods as 'Wattlebank Park Farm'

* Brewer's gold

* Granny's Blue

* Powlett Picnic

Powlett Reserve

Woolamai Mist
Woolamai Mist

Elegant white-mold sheep camembert style.

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Woolamai Mist - Sheep Milk


Luscious when oozing - A treat with fruit.

Gold Medal  2015 Sydney Royal Show - highest scoring sheep, goat or buffalo cheese.

Made from the rich milk of South Gippsland pastures, Woolamai Mist has a light bloomy white coat and sweet, creamy flavours. The milk, together with the traditional make and long maturation, ensure richness & complexity, giving great depth of flavour with a long aftertaste.


Ready to eat, though mild, at around 6 weeks - will be unforgettable after 8-10 weeks of age, when golden flora may appear to influence bouquet and flavour.


Round - Size: 8cm x 3.5cm high - Weight: 180g

  Party Square - Size: 10cm x 3cm high - Weight: 250g

  Party Bar - Size: 15cm x 6cm x 2.5cm high - Weight: 220g

Serve with a fruity wine such as

Farmhouse cider, or

Bright Brewery Fainters Dubbel - a Belgian abbey-style beer.


Waratah - Sheep Milk

A special treat for serious cheeselovers!

Pure sheep cheese, oozing with gentle, complex flavours. A cheese that displays the finest qualities of sheep milk, finishing with the back-palate softness so typical of sheep cheese. Soft smear-ripened cheese with a luscious texture and delectable flavours, lingering on the palate with a final sweetness. The golden aura of this style develops naturally from flora associated with vineyards. The aroma and flavour integrate and intensify with age, and the warmer the cheese becomes, the more powerful is this effect. Bring to room temperature for one hour before serving. May become sticky, stinky and extreme when fully mature.

Bar - Size: 10cm x 5cm x 2-3cm high - Weight: 180g

  Party Bar - Size: 15cm x 6cm x 3.5cm high - Weight: 230g


 Serve with Pinot Noir, or

 Bright Brewery Staircase Porter - a traditional dark-ale.

Gippsland Gold
Gippsland Gold

Melt in the mouth sheep washed rind.

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Black Sheep Log - Sheep Milk

Rich Farmhouse Sheep Cheese dusted with vine charcoal

Log - Size: 5x10cm long - Weight: approx. 150g

Distinctive - Fudgy - Smooth - Dense - Nutritious


Black Sheep is unique farmhouse-style cheese rarely seen in Australia, named after some of the coloured Moyarra ewes that supply the milk. Black sheep are known to have a particular character  and attitude than stands them apart from the flock.

Each log is gently hand ladled from 500ml of ewes’ milk curd, and lightly salted.
A melt-in-the-mouth, dense, creamy cheese with an attractive, mottled , silvery-white rind that develops  after 2 weeks' maturation, as the distinctive flora grows through the layer of vine charcoal - house-made from Gippsland Wine Company (Loch) Cabernet vine prunings, and dusted lightly onto the surface. This neutralises some lactic acid which sweetens the cheese, and assists development of the wrinkly rind.


May be enjoyed from 2 weeks old (mild with yoghurt-like, fresh flavour), but beyond one month the brittle core softens throughout to become a spicey, oozing cheese.  Allow  it to warm well at room temperature before serving.
 Match with full-bodied red wine and fresh (or preserved) fruits.

Try Gippsland Wine Company Gustoso – Moyarra Vineyard.

Black Sheep Log
Black Sheep Log

Mature lactic curd with a firm, dense texture. Coated in handmade vine charcoal.

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Poppet - Sheep Milk


Fresh lactic curd pyramid coated with savory herbs.

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Traditional pyramid with herb. Vegetarian rennet.


Farmhouse-style sheep cheese with a creamy, fine texture, a pure white body and virtually no rind. As it gets older, a light bloomy rind develops. It is sprinkled with seasonal herbs.


Poppet of course is a word of endearment, and it may well be a case of "love at first taste". It had to be called Poppet, considering the coal mining history of the Gippsland region and the shape of the poppet head that lifted the coal to the surface.


The shape of Poppet actually promotes a silky-soft texture, a perfect match for the subtle herb flavours that permeate the cheese.


Pyramid (semi-matured) - Seasonal - Weight approx. 180g


Serve with Chardonnay, or

 Bright Brewery Razor Witbier



Distinctive - Creamy - Smooth - Dense - Nutritious


Sheep Sensation is a unique, farmhouse-style cheese. A slow-make technique develops a fine, close texture with a creamy, luscious mouth feel. The body is covered in a wrinkled, bloomy white rind. The flavour is distinctively different - a balance between sweet and sour, and long on the palate. Melts in the mouth. The aroma is of the farm, reminiscent of freshly-cut grass.


Sheep Sensation can be enjoyed at any stage, from fresh (3-5 days), to creamy (14 days) to semi-matured (3-4 weeks) to aged (2-3 months), when it develops a waxy-smooth, drier texture with concentrated flavours and a peppery finish.


Sheep Sensation has amazing characteristics, controlled by the rind flora, which allow it to mature gracefully into a parmesan-style grating cheese. The moulds slowly draw moisture out of the cheese. This moisture should be allowed to escape unless you are looking for a more pungent cheese. For this to happen, wrap in waxed parchment.

  Round - Size: 8cm diameter - Weight: approx. 170g


 Serve with Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc or dessert wines, depending on the age of the cheese, or

 Bright Brewery Blowhard Pale Ale - an American-style pale ale.

Sheep Sensation - Sheep Milk
Sheep Sensation
Sheep Sensation

Creamy lactic curd with natural rind.

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Foster Fetish - Sheep Milk

Classic barrel-matured SHEEP cheese. Vegetarian rennet. Mediterranean style!

Available fresh out of brine, or bottled with olive oil, garlic, herbs and spices. Semi-hard with a fine, crumbly texture and a sharp, tangy but creamy flavour that intensifies on the palate with a most pleasing aftertaste. You will want to come back for more. The saltiness arising from the brine in which the cheese is matured, is less than in most fetas, and can be further reduced by soaking in cold water or milk before serving.

Marinated cubes in glass jar - 300g av. weight (nett) containing approx. 200g cheese.

  Marinated cubes in poly bucket - 800g (av. nett) - available cellar door & markets only.

  Marinated Food Service bucket - 2kg (av. nett) - available cellar door only.

  Blocks fresh out of brine - Size: 10cm square x 5cm thick (approx. 450g).

Foster Fetish
Foster Fetish

Creamy but crumbly classic matured feta.

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Venus Blue - Sheep Milk

PCC VB AFA cheese
PCC VB AFA cheese
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Delicate, creamy blue mould sheep cheese. Vegetarian rennet.

Made from pure sheep milk from our farm, each 2kg wheel captures the nutrients of rich, clean pastures.
The wheels have a grey-white, crusty rind with a moderate spread of blue cavities.
The mouthfeel is mild and creamy with a soft finish typical of sheep cheese.

A distinctive table cheese that is also ideal in salads, crumbled over pasta, or served with fruit and nuts.

  Wedge - Size & Weight: vary with cut.

  Wheel - Size: 20cm diameter x 10cm high - Weight: 2100g

Complemented by dessert wines such as
a Late Harvest Pinot Gris.

Prom Picnic - Sheep Milk
Prom Picnic
Prom Picnic

Semi hard sheep cheese with a sweet, fresh taste.

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Royal Melbourne Award

Mild, semi-hard farmhouse sheep Pecorino with natural rind. Vegetarian rennet.


Regarded as our signature cheese, all aspects of Prom Picnic come together to perfectly reflect a true Pecorino - made only from sheep milk.


4 consecutive Gold medals in its first years.


First Year GOLD MEDAL - 2010 DIAA Awards,

2011 ASCA show GOLD and 2012 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards GOLD MEDAL

2013 Sydney Royal agricultural show GOLD MEDAL


A young, mild and nutty cheese made to a recipe shared by our friends at Corzano in Tuscany. The fragrant aroma and distinctive flavour of pure sheep milk makes Prom Picnic a unique table cheese. Best enjoyed at 3-6 months maturation.


Traditionally served with broad beans or olives - an ideal savoury cheese. As a table cheese, serve simply with an apple or pear.


Wedge - Size & Weight: 120g approx. - size varies with cut.

Wheel - Size: 19cm diameter x 6cm high - Weight: 1500g


Match with a Chianti-style (Sangiovese) wine.


Picnic Point - sheep milk

Picnic Point with Cumin 3 recommended.jp

Spicy, mature, semi-hard sheep cheese ripened over 6 months. Made with fresh Spring pasture fed ewe's milk, added cummin seeds and vegetarian rennet. Lively, savoury, table cheese with an earthy flavour. Also refreshing with salads. Presented as a wedge cut from a wheel and vacuum sealed, which you can transfer to a breathable cheese wrap once opened.

Named after a beach at Wilsons Promontory 


2016 Sydney Royal Show Gold medal.

Kongwak Reserve - Sheep Milk
Kongwak Reserve
Kongwak Reserve

Hard, mature sheep milk cheese with native mountain pepperberry and natural rind.

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A hard vintage sheep cheese containing a hint of native Mountain Pepper berry.  Aged over 12 months with a natural rind, the pepper gives a fresh eucalyptus aroma that elevates the sharp crisp of the firm cheese.

Made from spring milk grown in the hills up-stream from the small valley township of Kongwak, overshadowed by a hilltop bushland reserve.

Only a powerful cheese like this deserves such a namesake.


Wedge - Size & Weight: vary with cut.

Wheel - Size: 22cm diameter x 10cm high - Weight: 2700g


Matches well with Tea, which neutralises peppery notes.



Cheviot - Sheep Milk

Mild & smooth with a floral, fruity flavor.

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Tangy, mature, semi-hard sheep cheese ripened 6 - 12 months

Vegetarian rennet.  Lively, savoury, table cheese


Cheviot is a mature pure sheep-milk cheese with a mild-medium piquant flavour.  A firm, close textured savoury cheese for table use or grating.


Serve as a less salty alternative to feta, for use in salads, quiche, fritata, etc.


Wedge - Size & Weight: 200g approx. - size varies with cut.

Wheel - Size: 22cm diameter x 10cm high - Weight: 2500g 


Dry white wine or Shiraz, or Wheat Beer.

Cheviot Royale - Sheep Milk

A semi-hard ewes-milk cheese carefully matured in our cellars, Cheviot Royale is aged for 12 months with regular washing of the rind to develop an orange surface and resulting complex savory & bacon flavors. Slow yeast fermentation creates a fruity tang in the firm but smooth, close textured paste. Great savory cheese for a cheeseboard or to be shaved in a salad. Vegetarian rennet.     


Wedges cut from a wheel - Size: 22cm diameter x 10cm high - Weight: 2500g  


Goes well with a Dry White Wine or Shiraz, or Wheat Beer.

On a Sunday evening our local cheesemaker Burke Brandon enjoys polishing off a bottle of Gippsland Wine Company’s finest, left over from the day’s pouring at the cheesery’s cellar door, with a chunk of his sheep milk pecorino. This combo while watching the sun set over Moyarra Valley is good for reflection and creativity. A bottle of V2017 ‘Gustoso’ provided inspiration one evening before Christmas, to try combining wine with the cheesemaking process, so a plash was shared into a bowl and taken into the cheese room.

That week’s batch of pecorino, just starting to develop it’s rind, was chosen to wash with the Gustoso. It created such a pleasing colour, finish and aroma in the cellar that it became a tradition, so every Sunday night for the next 3-4 months, the bottle was shared between cheesemaker and his cheese, which became more interesting with every fresh coat.

The pecorino is quite a firm, supple texture. Introducing Gustoso to the surface leaves a rich plum colour and berry aroma. Some tannins soak a little into the cheese, and as the alcohol evaporates it dries the rind, protecting from molds. Over time the rind becomes wrinkled, with an olive, vintage appearance. The final cheese is quite unique, the sweet paste offset by a slight bitterness near the rind.

'Gus' the drunken sheep
Moyarra Myrtle - Sheep Milk


Created in 2015 to show case locally produced native herbs, Moyarra Myrtle is a soft sheep-milk cheese marinated with Lemon Myrtle and Mountain Pepper Berries.


The fresh curd is luscious, soft and spreadable, and can also be used in place of feta.


Available in 300g jars or 800g buckets.

Moyarra Reserve is a semi-hard cheese made with raw sheep milk from our dairy. At 6 months maturation, it has a golden, smear rind. The texture is close and smooth. A vibrant, grassy aroma greets the senses, building into a complex caramel finish, with spice lingering on the back palette.
The first commercial cheese in Victoria to be uncooked at any stage of the process, all life from our fresh, clean raw Moyarra ewes milk at the time of production is encapsulated in this simple gourmet delight. While not a strong cheese, the flavour is unique and complex.

Fromage frais, lightly whipped from fresh sheepmilk curd, made seasonally in 200g or 1kg tubs. Use for homemade dips, stuffing pasta, baking or in place of cream.

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Moonlight Fresh
Moyarra Reserve
Raw sheep milk
Jolly Jumbunna - Sheep Milk
Jolly Jumbunna Promo Pic.jpg
Jolly Jumbunna Promo Pic 2.jpg

Derived from the creamy Sheep Milk of luscious pastures Jolly Jumbunna is a soft and creamy  Blue that is based on Camembert and Brie styled cheeses rather than your traditional crumbly Blue cheese. This unique find brings together the best of two worlds to create a rich and flavorful experience that appeals to many who usually dislike Blue cheese. Jolly Jumbunna is matured for at least 9 weeks to allow the blue cavities to grow and start producing a mild but unforgettable flavor. This cheese was inspired by an experiment made by the third generation of cheesemakers in the family and has gone on to be an award winning cheese.

Available as a limited release only in Summer. 200g - 300g wedges.

Best served with Red Wine and Grapes.

Powlett Picnic - Cow Milk

The 'Picnic' style was developed exclusively at Prom Country Cheese to complement the local wines. Powlett Picnic is an intriguing semi-soft style in the "apline cheese" tradition. The texture slices well, with a mild but lingering flavour, and clean, sweet finish. It exhibits the clean, rich flavours of the Wattlebank Park Farm milk, where cows graze along the Powlett River, fed by the catchment waters flowing from the Moyarra hills upstream.


Powlett Reserve is a more mature version, matured with a natural rind that has a light coat of gray mould. Texturally a robust, hearty cheese, while the taste remains mild with a clean savoury finish.  Serve on a neutral cracker with olive tapenade or pesto. An ideal melting cheese.Made in a 2.7kg wheel.   Perfect for picnics with a light red wine, such as Pinot Noir.

Granny's Blue - Cow Milk

Each 2kg wheel of Granny’s Blue captures the clean flavours of 18 litres of rich cow milk from Wattlebank Park Farm in South Gippsland, where the catchment waters flow down out of the Moyarra Valley, the home of Prom Country Cheesery.


It displays a grey-white, crusty rind with a dense spread of blue filaments. Although the structure seems crumbly, the mouthfeel is mild, buttery and soft. Ideal for salads, crumbled over pasta, or served with fruit and nuts.  Wedges are cut from a 20cm diameter, 2.1kg wheel.


Complemented by fortified wines such as liqueur muscat and port. Also snuggles up nicely to a buttery Chardonnay.

Wattlebank Mist - Cow Milk

Made of the rich milk from Wattlebank Park Farm in South Gippsland, Wattlebank Mist has a bloomy white coat and sweet, creamy flavours. The milk, together with the traditional make and long maturation, ensure richness & complexity, giving great depth of flavour with a long aftertaste.

Ready to eat, though mild, at around 3 weeks - will be unforgettable after 6 weeks of age, when golden flora may appear to influence bouquet and flavour.


Mini - Size: 6.5cm diameter x 4-5cm high - Weight: 150-180g
 Round - Size: 10cm diameter x 2-3cm high - Weight: 220-250g
 Wheel - Size: 22cm diameter x 2-3cm high - Weight: 1300g
 Party Wheel - Size: 13cm diameter x 3cm high - Weight: 400-500g

Serve with fruit (especially strawberries) and a soft Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon wine following a main course. 

Brewer's Gold - Cow Milk

Delicate, exotic, malty, ale-washed cheese

A seasonal collaboration from Wattlebank Park Farm cow milk 
Loch Brewery & Distillery Dark Ale, by cheesemaker Burke Brandon & Brewer Craig Johnson. Vegetarian rennet. 

A delicious treat for serious cheeselovers!

Brewer’s Gold is a traditional slow-set soft lactic cheese, rind-washed daily in Dark Ale from Loch Brewery & Distillery, a regional neighbour of Prom Country Cheese in South Gippsland. The washing process develops a distinctive golden rind, and complex flavours and aromas result from the synergy between the cheese and the beer.

Round - Size: 7.5cm x 2-3cm high - Weight: 160g 

Recommended match: Loch Brewery & Distillery - Dark Ale.

"The anticipation has never be more intense than for this tasting match, and it was spot-on! Our new ale-washed cheese BrewersGold with its subtle, yet lingering, malty aftertaste nestled perfectly with the full flavoured darkale
While still a delicate, moist cheese, residual savoury lactic freshness offsets the richness of this handcrafted ale."

Powlett Reserve - Cow Milk

Mature semi-hard cheese with natural rind.

Wheels 22cm diameter approx. 2.7kg


Handcrafted semi-hard alpine style matured over 6 months with a natural rind. Clean, rich flavours of Wattlebank Park Farm milk, where cows graze along the Powlett River, fed by the catchment waters flowing from our Moyarra hills upstream. Easy slicing texture. Mild but lingering flavour. Robust, hearty & savoury.