Visit the Farm


Discover our modern cheesery set amongst the dairy pastures and animals on the farm, and experience the flavors of unique regional cheeses on a ploughman's platter. Cheese rooms specially designed for sheep cheese enable the entire process to occur onsite. View the cheese making process or soak up the beauty of Moyarra Valley from the tasting room that overlooks the dairy.

Cheesery Country Kitchen

Visitors to the farm gate can share what we are so lucky to live with every day. Sampling our cheeses in the comfort of the tasting room, or in the fresh air of the veranda, you can experience the breathtaking landscape of the Moyarra Valley, surrounded by pastures and the humble animals that provide your food. Local beer and wines are also served. 

Call 03 5657 3338 or email for further booking, pricing and menu information. 


Cheesemaking is ongoing every day, in some form or another. Viewing windows into the food-safe production area show parts of the process and equipment, explained by educational displays and photo's showing how cheese is made by hand.


Our sheep need their fleeces removed every year, and some trims throughout the year to keep them tidy. Their wool helps protect against the cold wet climate, but too much makes a hot summer uncomfortable for them.


As members of the Korumburra landcare group, we are committed to sustainable farming. Over 20% of our land is planted to native trees and fenced to protect against erosion of Foster Creek, land slips on the hills, shade for our livestock and habitat for native birds and animals.

Cheese tastings

 Tasting plates of the cheesemaker's choice selection can be purchased for $15, or for something more substantial, a ploughman's platter to share with fresh baked bread and condiments. Sit down and take in the views while taking a tour of the taste buds at your own pace. Plain crackers help cleanse the palette between each different style of cheese, from mild to full flavoured. Local wines and beer, tea and instant coffee are also available.


Tours of the dairy by the public are not possible due to biosecurity and stress-free comfort of the animals. Ewes are milked twice a day for 9 months of the year. We use a milking machine very similar to a cow dairy except sheep have only 2 teats, and the equipment is much smaller. They enjoy the routine of milking, often coming in from the paddock by themselves, and have their favourite places in the bail where they get a small treat.


Operations move in pace with the seasons, resulting in a seasonal product that allows for recuperation of animals and humans alike each Autumn, as we all prepare for lambing. This marks the beginning of the action for the next season. The cellar door is closed during July and August so we can focus on caring for birthing ewes and new lambs.