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An award-winning family business involved in milking sheep since 2007 for the production of our own range of unique cheeses. We are situated in the stunning Moyarra Valley amongst the lush green hills, just above the coastal flats of Inverloch. We take pride in producing the cleanest and best quality product as possible, grown in a healthy, vibrant farm in a pristine environment. This is achieved by attention to detail and quality in every aspect of our business from the soil to the finished product. Milk quality and herd health is a major part of this. These values contribute to our customer confidence and help build reputation.


The farm comprises 190 acres, half of creek flats and half hill country. The Foster creek runs all year,  through the middle of the farm. Over 20% of the farm is re-vegetated, and environmental sustainability plays an important role.  In 2018, the farm runs approximately 400 cross-bred sheep, of which up to 200 are milked twice per day from July, then once a day in the Summer until April. Replacement ewe lambs are hand-reared each year. The dairy is a 12-a-side herringbone. Milking is not digitalized, but livestock numbers, weights and treatments are computer recorded.  Shearing is usually done each Autumn, before the milking season starts.





Do you share a passion for our products and have skills that can contribute to help keep the dream alive?

Send us an introduction explaining how you could help us. You never know what opportunities we may have for the right person. Our team strives towards the same goal and we believe in giving staff flexibility in their roles, where possible, to make the working environment rewarding for everybody involved.