Farmhouse cheesery

While it is not possible for you to visit our farm at the moment, we are taking this opportunity to upgrade our facilities, and focus on developing exciting new products such as our raw milk cheeses.

Find our cheeses at retailers or order online HERE.

Stay posted for our re-opening once restrictions are lifted.




Distinctive regional cheeses handmade on the family farm from the pure fresh milk of our own ewes, grazed in the pristine rolling lush hills of South Gippsland. The premium qualities of creamy sheep milk create cheeses of rounded, elegant flavor and delicate texture.


Second generation cheesemakers Burke & Bronwyn Brandon developed the Prom Country label in 2012 to showcase the regional origin of our sheep milk. Cow’s milk from a neighbor’s dairy also features in our range of traditional cheeses including natural-rinded hard cheese, soft cheese, marinated and blues.


In March 2020 we were given approval as the first commercial cheesemaker in Victoria to produce uncooked, entirely raw cheese under strict new food standards regulation. Read more HERE

Our Mission

VENUS BLUE officially Australia's best

Our unique signature cheese

* 2020 & 2017 Australian Grand Dairy Awards Champion sheep, goat or buffalo cheese.

* 2019 delicious.Produce Gold medal winner

* 2016 ‪#‎australianfoodawards‬  Champion Dairy Product

* 2016 AFA "best sheep, goat or buffalo cheese" trophy scoring 95 points/100.

*2015 Age Good Food best Australian cheese

This 5 month matured cavity blue cheese was made with unique cultures from our own ‪#‎southgippsland‬ ‪ #rawmilk‬. It has a delicate smooth texture and rounded complex flavor. Venus Blue has consistently gone from strength to strength, recieving many of Australia's top awards, and it's nation-wide popularity contines as Australians support ‪#‎locallygrown‬ ‪#‎food‬. Who needs ‪#‎roqueforte‬ ? Thankyou to all our customers who love eating our cheese as much as we love producing it.